Krefeld Passover Seder XIII Corps March 1945-

The below photo and the inscription on the back are the Blessed work of Captain Bernard Helitzer.  He was born in 1918, in Glenn’s Falls, NY.  University of Syracuse and University of Maryland for dental school.  He settled in his           wife´s hometown (as did many of his physician war buddies) of Wichita, Kansas where he established a successful dental practice.  He was president of the Temple Brotherhood and Wichita Dental Association.  He embraced Reform Judaism and rarely missed services – he loved the music very much and the fact that he could sit together with his family.

I want to thank his family for all this priceless information about a hero who lived and documented a horrible period of our history and fought so that it would never happen again.

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I would like to authenticate the picture below as really being from the Krefeld Seder.  If anyone can help please let me know.  I believe that Henry Kissinger appears in the picture(see enlarged image).  Since he was the administrator of Krefeld at the time, that would make sense.  Please let me know if you have any additional information.  Thank you!